Monday, 27 January 2020

Income determining Factors In your job / work.

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Today i am going to share with you a powerful concept which helps you to get high income in your jobs / profession. Well, first do you know what are the factors which determine your income you generate in your profession? Just think about it!!!

Well let me tell you, how much income you will make in your job/work is depend on 3R's. And what are these 3R's i will let you know right now:

1) Results:  First R stands for results, your income depends on what quality of results you produce in your work. When you produce better results in your work, your bosses or your customers respect you more and ready to pay you more. So always impress your bosses / your customers with quality of results you produce.
So always produce more & more quality results in your work to get high income.

2) Responsibility:  Second R stands for responsibility you take. Always remember your income also depends on the size of responsibility your take in your job / work. Bigger the responsibility, higher the income you will get and smaller the responsibility, lower the income you will get. So, build your capabilities to gain bigger responsibilities to get high income.

3) Relationships:  And third R stands for relationships. When you have healthy relationships with your coworkers, with your bosses and others in your company, you settle in their hearts and they like you more. And when they like you more, they also support you more. So, to get high income learn to build healthy relationships with people around you.

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