Saturday, 22 June 2019

Sales - The Game Of Numbers

Hello Friends,

Yes we have highly effective, practical and result oriented sales training program, which solves your challenges in sales: Sales – The Game Of  Numbers.

Sales – The Game Of  Number is a systematic, practical and powerful program designed to attract more new customers and to get more repeat business from your existing customers in today’s hyper competitive and fast pace time .

I will tell you the seven reasons to join this program:

Reason #1. Learn techniques to improve your marketing to get more qualified leads.
Reason #2. To improve your conversion rate in selling (  includes communication and presentation skills).

Reason #3. Strategies to get more and more referrals.

Reason #4. To get more and more repeat business from your existing customers.

Reason #5. How to work on your information system before planning your sales game.

Reason #6. Systematic way for personal development.

Reason #7. Learn Focus management in sales.

Plus get performance measurement tools to measure your sales and marketing performances.

Sales – The Game Of Numbers is a five sessions course and each session is of 2-Hrs.

 We can complete this full program in 2 to 3 days. For more information please contact: 7875482555/9890186825.

Pawan Karamchandani

Tel:- +919890186825 / 7875482555