Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Ten Powerful Business Quotes

Ten Powerful Business Quotes:-

#1. Less profit means more mistakes in business.

#2. Sales & Marketing are like wings of any business.

#3. You respect time when you have big goals.

#4. The best marketing strategy is: Make your customers more happier to speak more about you in their contacts.

#5. Business is like a video game played with two buttons: Ideas & Risks.

#6. In business today is the time of speed & quality.

#7. Dreaming new dreams is innovation.

#8. Business mantra: Always be smart in marketing & honest in selling.

#9. Planning is like a bridge on which you move to reach your goals.

#10. Four elements run any business: Marketing, Sales, Cash Flow & Profits.


Pawan Karamchandani