Saturday, 1 December 2018

Six questions you must answer to become a top class leader.


 Friends do you know What are the factors that determine the success of any game or operation?

There are six factors on which the success of any game/operation depend.

To become a top class leader you must know the answers to these six questions before you start any operation. And what are these six factors ( and six questions):-

#1.  Clarity.

Where do you want to reach or what do you want to achieve?

( Clarity is the first step to start any operation.)

#2. Right track/ right path.

Do you know the right path or right track to reach at your destination?

(When you know the right path/right track then only you can reach at your destination/goal. )

#3. Right planning.

Do you have right plan to achieve your goal?

( planning is like a bridge on which you move to achieve your goal.)

#4. Right resources.

Do you have right resources to achieve your goal?

( Resources are like vehicle to make you reach at your destination.)

#5. Right implementation.

Do you know how to take action on your plan?

( Right implementation & right action on right time.)

#6. Positive mindset.

Do you have positive mindset to achieve your goal?

( mindset is like a gear system of car, negative mindset means reverse gear and positive mindset means moving forward.)

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